New Growth at #Alt-Academy

2014 is a big year for #Alt-Academy. We have quite a few changes in store that you’ll see roll out in the months ahead. Here’s what to expect:


  • New editorship. As the new coordinating editor of #Alt-Academy, I’m honored to begin building on the work that Bethany Nowviskie has done since launching the site in 2011.
  • Fresh content. We’re kicking off the start of this phase with a new cluster of essays, Looking for Signposts, edited by Brian Croxall. Watch for this cluster to grow in the year ahead as we continue to publish new material.
  • Regular updates. Keep an eye out for new content and clusters periodically throughout the year. We’re always happy to welcome new cluster editors, so if you have an idea, check out what we’re looking for and get in touch!
  • More ways to read. The first volume of #Alt-Academy essays is now available in e-reader formats that you can download to your favorite device.

I’m excited to see the ways that conversations about career paths for humanities scholars continue to develop in this space. Thanks for reading!

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