Conclusions: the intersections of media studies and digital humanities

In coming up with a way to conclude this project in a visual fashion I tried to show connections across posts. I uploaded the articles shared during this project into a wordle program, tagxedo

I also graphed respondent posts over a venn diagram to try show connections between the pieces on scholarship, theory, and praxis. You are free to click through (I would recommend full screen if you are on a smaller screen) and catch any of the pieces that you may have missed. They will open up in a new window. 

In my readings this month, I saw a discipline very much in flux and, as is usual with these kinds of surveys, raise more questions and observations than answers. What kind of work is included in digital humanities? What is the labor involved? How do we continue to count and promote that labor? Overall, I see digital humanities methods  able to challenge and enrich media studies, but also media studies challenges those who produce scholarly tools to create better tools for coding and analyzing visual and auditory media. I look forward to continuing conversations started here in other projects here on MediaCommons.

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