Introduction to Digital Narratology

Narratology is the study of the structure of narrative and how in turn that structure affects our cultural expectations of the world around us. The study has in fact developed into narratologies, as debates within the discipline continue over what constitutes an object of study. Coming out of poststructuralist thought driven to define elements of narrative, today narratology utilizes a variety of approaches (cognitive, rhetorical feminist, postclassical, etc.) to deal with the phenomenon of storytelling across a variety of media, from film and television, to video games and a multitude of digital forms.

This cluster focuses on the intersections of the digital and current studies narratology. This will include both projects that apply narrative theory to digital media, like video games and social media, but also ways in which the digital humanities have opened up new ways to analyze narrative and its consumers. Projects shared include, but are not limited to a reimagining and re-working of classical narrative theories for the digital age, studies on affect and the development of empathy through narrative, and the use of GIS to map either narrative or the travels of authors and their writing.

In conjunction with this cluster, the Front Page Collecting be hosting a Twitter conversation about narrative on Thursday, November 21st from 1:30 to 2:30pm est. We will use the hashtag #mcsurvey. We hope that you will join us.

Below is the schedule for our survey.

Week 1  

Tim Welsh Loyola University

Pedro Ponce St. Lawrence University

Laura Buchholz Old Dominion University

Jennifer Roudabaush Virginia Commonwealth University

Ruth Page University of Leicester


Week 2

Dominic Arsenault University of Montreal

Hartmut Koenitz University of Georgia

[Break for American Thanksgiving Holiday]


Week 3

Alfredo Torres Old Dominion University

Janine Utell Widener University

Jordan Von Cannon Louisiana State University

Laura Lisabeth St. John’s University

Daniela Gachago University of Cape Town

Image by Arbyreed and available on Flickr. 

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