Introduction: What are the stakes with sharing online?

Sharing and spreading information are nothing new to the digital age. Social media has been a regular part of many individuals’ lives for ten years. Before that, forums, blogs, and p2p content sites were a place of sharing. While sharing has become a regular part of first world life, the rules, both judicial and social, change constantly. Sometimes these changes make the news, like SOPA, but some sharing protocols are altered quietly or by the generation doing the sharing.

 From February 18th through March 15th, scholars, educators and professionals, and students will share the social, legal, and professional stakes with sharing online.  We mean stakes in both the positive and negative stakes. Daily, short responses to the question will be posted online. We look forward to responses on current use of social media, copyright litigation, and education. We hope that this survey will serve as a review of the current state of sharing online. 

Week 1:

Feb 18: Avi Santo, Old Dominion University

Feb 19: Jamie Henthorn, Old Dominion University

Feb 20: Kyle Barnett, Bellarmine University

Feb 21: Hollis Griffin, Denison University

Feb 22: Tara McPherson, University of Southern California


Week 2:

Feb 26: April Cobos, Old Dominion University 

Feb 27: Tim Lockridge, St. Joseph's University 

Feb 28: Rebecca Tushnet, Georgetown University 


Week 3:

Mar 4: Aram Sinnreich, Rutgers University

Mar 5: Nancy Baym, Microsoft Research

Mar 6: Alan Levine, CogDot It

Mar 7: Sarah McGinley, Wright State University and Old Dominion University 

Mar 8: Mark Sample, George Mason University


Week 4:

Mar 11: Karen Hellekson, Independent Researcher

Mar 12: Erin Copple Smith, Austin College

Mar 13: Lisa Spiro, NITLE Labs

Mar 14: Gary Hall, Coventry University

Mar 15: Alex Juhasz, Pitzer College

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