Immersive experiences

Curator's Note

In recent years architectural projection has risen to become a popular and powerful art form. It has captured audiences, inspired artists and shaken up the world of advertising. Emerging from the fast developing intersection between technology and the arts, projection techniques can recreate and distort a building’s architectural features, altering and challenging the way the public experiences the built space around them. Light can transform and reinterpret the structure and physical reality of a building.

When combined with interactivity, large scale projections have a wonderful effect on audiences. Seeper’s projects have seen diverse crowds of people of all ages and backgrounds come together to engage with the work, experiencing a common sense of wonder and joy. In the featured video, audiences are offered the chance to interact with a dramatic lighting installation on Munich’s Stachus Arch, sending light and colour bouncing around the structure through their movements.

The most important player in seeper’s work is always the audience. We create experiences designed to enchant and invigorate, to create a sense of wonder and leave a lasting impact. This is not limited to projection work. Seeper are constantly working to develop new technologies and explore new applications of existing technologies in light art, displays, immersive environments and interactivity. At the heart of the work is human experience, transcending the technology itself.

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