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  1. On videographic film and moving image studies
    1. Books, book chapters and offline journals
    2. Online studies: collections
    3. Online studies: individual items
    4. Videographic film and moving image studies websites
    5. Other journals and websites with related content
  2. On the found footage film, compilation film, essay film, supercut and audiovisual criticism traditions
  3. Practicalities

1. On videographic film and moving image studies

A. Books, book chapters and offline journals

  • Bellour, Raymond. (1975/) 2000. "The Unattainable Text." Analysis of Film. Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press: pp. 21-27.

  • Bellour, Raymond. (1990/) 2012. Between-the-Images. Zurich: JRP/Ringier and Les Presses du Réel.

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  • Mulvey, Laura. 2014. "Cinematic gesture: the ghost in the machine." Journal for Cultural Research, forthcoming

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B. Online studies: collections

C. Online studies: individual items

D. Videographic film and moving image studies websites

E. Other journals and websites with related content

2. On the found footage film, compilation film, essay film, supercut and audiovisual criticism traditions

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3. Practicalities


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