Introduction: Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing is perhaps at its most interesting because it is very much in a state of flux and innovation. With more individuals, both in scholarship and private sectors, invested in digital publishing, its possibilities continue to grow. This survey is just that a look over some of the many projects and innovations that are going on in online publishing and through that goal, we have invited individuals invested in archiving, new content, open access, innovative practices, collaborative projects, and teaching the next generation.

As always, we hope that our community here will join the conversation. As such, the Front Page Collective will be tweeting about digital publishing on Tuesday, October 22 at Noon EST. We’ll be using the hashtag #mcsurvey and we hope that you will join us.

Schedule for Digital Publishing Survey

Week 1 October 14-18

Megan Mize Old Dominion University

Doug Eyman George Mason              

Valerie Robin Georgia State

Mike Grundmann James Madison University


Week 2 October 21-25

Katherine Gossett Iowa State University

Ed Jacobs Old Dominion University

Drew Morton Texas A&M University

Jentery Sayers University of Victoria

Laura Dosky  University of Victoria

Week 3 October 28-Nov 1

Tim Stinson North Carolina State University

Will Brooker Kingston University

Jack Dougherty Trinity College

Week 4-ish

Virginia Kuhn University of Southern California

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