Intro: Teaching with Technology


Teaching with technology is a style many scholars are familiarizing themselves with. What is meant by teaching with technology was kept purposefully broad for this survey and includes teaching tablet based projects, web writing and social media projects that continue outside of the classroom, developing new software for a class, synchronous/asynchronous online learning, and teaching a MOOC.

We have invited teachers to share either meta-reflections on technology in the classroom, or reflections on the outcomes of specific projects. The goal of this survey is to see and share exactly how technology is used in the classroom and what we gain from its use. Specifically, we want to consider any unexpected outcomes of the use of technology.

If you find yourself reading the responses and feel as though you would also like to contribute as well, MediaCommons allows for additional contributors after the survey has begun. You are free to email the editors a short proposal at and we have left space for additional responses in our schedule.

Below is a list of contributors to our survey on teaching with technology:

Week 1 (May 20-24)

We have a special cluster of responses from editors WebWriting:Why & How for Liberal Arts Teaching & Learning.

Jack Dougherty, Trinity College

Jason B. Jones, Trinity College

Dina Anselmi, Trinity College

Christopher Hager, Trinity College


Week 2 (May 27-31)

William Moner, University of Texas-Austin

Catrina Mitchum, Old Dominion University

Sarah Spangler, Old Dominion University

Richard Edwards, Ball State University

Roger Todd Whitson, Washington State University



Week 3 (June 3-7)

Matt Beale, Old Dominion University

Megan McKittrick, Old Dominion University

Lee Skallerup Bessette, Morehead State University

Susan Currie Sivek, Linfield College

Laura Buchholz, Old Dominion University


Week 4 (June 10-14)

Krystopher Purzycki, Old Dominion University

Julia Romberger, Old Dominion University


Special cluster in digital tools and technical literacy

Mercer Hall, Buckley Country Day School

Patricia Russac, Buckley Country Day School

Gina Sipley, Buckley Country Day School


Week 5

Dr. Rodrigo, Old Dominion University

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