How It Works

The New Everyday publishes works in a “middle state,” between a blog and a journal. Rather than adhere to a more traditional structure of publishing only a small selection of a larger pool of submissions, The New Everyday publishes first, and then filters: anyone with a MediaCommons account can publish a work to the site.

We support both text-based works (essays, drafts, book chapters, etc.) and embedded multimedia works (YouTube and Vimeo videos, Slideshare and Scribd presentations, etc.). Once you’re logged in, click “contribute” to start creating content. Our contribution form is a bit complicated, so we’ve created a more comprehensive set of “Technical Notes for Contributors.”

Before publishing, see the “About” section for more information about the kind of work we’re looking for. Contributed pieces that fall too far outside these guidelines may be removed or “unpublished” by the managing editors at their discretion. Outright abuse of the site or the guidelines may result in termination of your MediaCommons account. 


Some contributions will be featured in regularly-appearing “clusters”; you can think of these as analogous to magazine issues. Each cluster is managed by a curator, at whose sole discretion users may be invited to contribute. Cluster curators may also select already-published content to be included in their cluster. Note that by contributing unsolicited content to the site, you are implicitly granting any cluster curator the right to feature you contribution in their cluster. If your contribution does appear in a cluster, it will be fully attributed to you with your name and picture (if provided) displayed and a link to your MediaCommons user profile.

The managing editors select and schedule clusters and their curators. If you have an idea for a cluster, contact the editors with a brief summary of your cluster concepts. Proposals should include a brief abstract, a list of potential contributors (ideally five to nine), and a description of potential post formats and media assets.

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