Blob: Ironic Meta-Television in Italy

Curator's Note

"Blob" is daily, 30-minute program on the third channel of Italian public television (Raitre). The principle behind the creation of this successful and long-lived program is the ironic (but meaningful) juxtaposition of images broadcast on Italian public and private television networks. By selecting brief snippets of footage that aired the day before and editing them without any verbal comment, the creators of "Blob" offer a pungent view of the status of television in Italy and its role in portraying political and social life. What's interesting about this program is the desire to highlight the discursive and visual inter-channel flow that characterizes most Italian television.


By Anonymous

I found it interesting the many snippets of scenes from American movies and American themes. President Bush singing to the tune of the Beach Boys, "bomb,bomb, Iran," Ben Stiller, Doris Day, and the famous Ten Commandent Scene with Charlton Heston... Although this clip definitely showed Italy's social and political beliefs, it also demonstrated the Western influence on Italy's media.

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