Constructing “human”ity - what’s at stake in shifting (uni)gender-ing?

Curator's Note

The followling video is entitled "Unigenderse". The artist's statement is available both on the website at and at the youtube site. Please view those before commenting. I came across this artist's work on youtube, as I was looking to see how gender was being narrated there. Before I insert my comment - let me say I enjoyed it and think it contributes to dialogues about gendering. It is a useful site for teaching, analysis and discussion. This summer, my class on Feminist Research Methods read works such as Gayathri Reddy's work on Hijra's while also exploring embodiment in Secondlife - our focus was on how gender is produced at various socio-cultural and economic intersections and through particular technologies and at a variety of interfaces - based on the perceptive lenses I acquired through such readings, juxtapositions, explorations and dialogues - I would critique this video not merely as Eurocentric (an obvious critique) but perhaps in other ways as both nuancing and lacking nuance in its implicit assumptions of the original human being. My question to readers is - how might we further nuance this transnationally and through multiple cross-cultural notions of gendering?

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