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The MediaCommons front page highlights recent work and puts into conversation the dynamic projects on MediaCommons as well as across the digital humanities. This is done through the selection of a monthly curatorial theme that runs across the content on the MediaCommons site generating a networked “installation.”  Members of the MediaCommons Collective editing team coordinates these efforts, finding sources and asking for guest editorials on these topics. The editing team is made up of graduate students in Old Dominion University’s Communications and English graduate programs.

The ODU English Department is unique in its breadth of studies and simultaneous depth of scholarship. Students at the Masters and PhD level specialize in a range of English Studies subfields, including new media, rhetoric, literature, linguistics, creative writing, professional writing, composition studies, cultural studies, and pedagogy, with highly recognized faculty members. Students and faculty members work together to closely examine the issues in these subfields while pushing the boundaries of English Studies. This makes the ODU English Department an ideal collaborator for MediaCommons, offers new perspectives and experience on publishing.

The Master of Arts in Lifespan and Digital Communication at Old Dominion University gives students a unique and vital insight into the connection of human communication and uses of digital media as they develop over the various life stages. Students are expected to study deep within the lifespan spectrum
(childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle age, and elder adulthood) as it associates with various forms of digital media such as social media, film, television, online gaming, and digital culture in general. As only one of four programs taking a lifespan approach ,prospective students can be sure that they will acquire unique insights into this growing and exciting discipline.

If you would like to make suggestions or have questions regarding MediaCommons front page, please contact the front page editors at mediacommons.odu@gmail.com

Members of the MediaCommons Collective:

Coordinating Front Page Editors:

Jamie Henthorn, PhD English

Claire LaBar, MA Lifespan and Digital Communication

Patrick Sutton, MA Humanities

Contributing Editors:

Melanie Barker, MA English

Matthew Beale, PhD English

Maury Brown, PhD English

Matthew French, MA Lifespan and Digital Communication

Anthony Garcia, PhD English

Zack Hill, MA English

Megan McKittrick, PhD English

Megan Mize, PhD English

Chvonne Parker, PhD English

Sarah Spangler, PhD English


Previous Contributing Editors:

Nicholas Benson, MA Lifespan and Digital Communication

Laura Bucholz, PhD English

Brian Lindholm, MA Lifespan and Digital Communication

Sarah Mosely, PhD English

Kris Purzycki, MA English

Danielle Roach, PhD English


Faculty Advisor: Avi Santo

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