Intro: What are the intersections of media studies and digital humanities?

MediaCommons’ new survey emerges from the evolution of digital humanities as a discipline within the academy. While digital humanists seem to be coming from many disciplines, media scholars are beginning to take a stake in DH as well. For instance, the 2013 conference of the Society of Cinema and Media Studies and 2012 conference of Flow Journal both included panels on the digital humanities though both conferences are firmly rooted in media studies. Digital humanities was being used and discussed on several other panels as well. MediaCommons itself sits between media studies and the digital humanities. While many of our projects focus on media studies content, the impetus of the site itself rests in how new media changes writing and publishing, as well as the attribution and aggregation of knowledge. The front page focuses on meta questions of digital humanities. So, the question remains, how do digital humanities and media studies intersect? How are they different? How does the well know fact thatthedigitalhumanitiesishardtodefineplay a role in the method used by media studies?

This month we have invited digital humanists and media scholars to weigh in on the intersections of these two disciplines, how they use them, and how these intersections expand and/or complicate these two fields of study. We hope that you will join in this conversation as we look at how these two disciplines have to contribute to one another.


Week 1

April 15: Jason Mittell, Middlebury College

April 16: Stephen Totosy de Zeptnek, Purdue University

April 17: Miriam Posner, University of California-Los Angeles

April 18: Anne Cecilia Dotter, The University of Kansans

April 19: Jason Rhody: Nationaly Endowment for the Humanities


Week 2

April 22: Suzanne Scott, Occidental College

April 23: Virginia Kuhn, University of Southern California

April 24: Melanie Kohnen, New York University

April 25: Daniel Chamberlain, Occidental College

April 26: William Moner, University of Texas-Austin


Week 3

April 29: Pamela Ingleton, McMaster University

April 30: Amanda Ann Klein, East Carolina University

May 1: David Roh, Old Dominion University

May 2: Jamie Henthorn, Old Dominion University

May 3: Jeremy Hunsinger Wilfrid Laurier University/Virginia Tech


Week 4

May 6: Avi Santo, Old Dominion University

May 7: Aaron Kashton, Georgia Tech

May 8: Eric Faden, Bucknell University

May 9: Mark Martinez, University of Minnesota

May 10: Kevin Moberly, Old Dominion University


Image on front page by katiedaviespics and available on Flickr

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