More Details on "What relationship does the digital humanities/academy have to social media activist movements?"

The Media Commons Front Page Collective welcomes responses to the following Field Guide Survey (FGS): What relationship does the digital humanities/academy have to social media activist movements?

This Field Guide Survey seeks to explore the ways in which the academy, and Digital Humanities in particular, has interacted, interacts, and could interact with social media activist movements. Some approaches to responding to this question might include, but are not limited to:


  • What role does the academy play in determining whether it is our place to theorize social media activist movements? Is it even our place to theorize these movements?

  • How might digital humanities work with social justice movements such as #blacklivesmatter?

  • How could the digital humanities translate the rhetoric of such movements into our scholarly conversations while preserving their core ethos of activism and social justice?

  • What lessons about technology use can digital humanists learn from movements such as #blacklivesmatter?

  • How can scholars rethink their own roles as academics in digital spaces in order to become more involved with activist movements?

The project will run from approximately March 14th through March 25th. Responses are 400-600 words and typically focus on introducing concepts for larger discussion, with the idea that interested individuals will read and respond daily to engage authors in digital conversation. Proposals may be brief (a few sentences) and should state your topic and approach. You may submit as an individual or offer up a special cluster of responses with others. Please submit confirmation of participation to or by March 10th and posts two days prior to the FGS start date.

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