How It Works


#Alt-Academy is both an edited collection and a grassroots, publish-then-filter approach to networked scholarly communication. All MediaCommons community members can comment on existing essays and freely publish relevant work as part of this site, thereby making their content available at a stable URL and discoverable through search.

However, only selected contributions on the topic of alternative academic careers will be featured on the #Alt-Academy home page as part of our edited "clusters."

Call for Cluster Editors

Contributions to #Alt-Academy may be chosen as featured content in existing or forthcoming 'clusters.' Clusters are like topical magazine issues. Each cluster is managed by a editor, at whose discretion authors may be invited to contribute. Cluster editors may also select pre-published content to be featured. (Community members should note that by contributing unsolicited content to #alt-ac, they are implicitly granting cluster editors the right to feature their contributions. If a contribution does appear in a cluster, it will be fully attributed to its author with a name and avatar, if provided, along with a link to a MediaCommons user profile.)

Cluster editors are selected and cluster publication is authorized by the coordinating editor of the #Alt-Academy project. If you have an idea for a new cluster, please contact Katina Rogers with a brief proposal. 

Call for Contributors

If you'd like to contribute, please join our community by registering or using a pre-existing account in the MediaCommons network. #Alt-Academy supports both text-based works (blog posts, essays, book chapters, etc.) and embedded multimedia (YouTube videos, audio, Slideshare presentations, and so forth). After you log in, just click 'Contribute' to start creating content. 

See our 'Welcome' section for information on topics and themes we're looking for at #alt-ac, and to learn more about #alt-ac in Context. Work that falls too far outside this area may be removed or 'unpublished' at the coordinating editor's discretion -- or suggested for contribution to other MediaCommons projects. (Outright abuse of the site may result in termination of your MediaCommons account.)  

If you'd like to propose that a published piece be featured on the home page in an #Alt-Academy cluster, please contact that cluster's editor.

Need Help Getting Started?

Creating an account, browsing #Alt-Academy clusters and commenting on contributions is all pretty easy. Contributing new content and editing clusters is a little more complex. Check out the sidebar notes for contributors and cluster editors at our sister-site, The New Everyday, for a walk-through of content creation in the MediaCommons network.

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