The Road Home, the Tourist Version

Curator's Note

Once again, the city of New Orleans can rely on amateurs to promote tourism through cheap tapes of cheap thrills on Bourbon Street. This one is actually clever in its stupidity. I assume the song is what wins this YouTube submit a "warning" for content but the promise of "Hot Drunk Girls Flashing Boobies and Hooters" is never delivered on. Like all Mardi Gras videos, this video succeeds as free advertising for the city that officially denies its existence. One commentator promises to come down to see Mardi Gras '08. The rest of the reviewers are simply pissed, either because they missed out on the T&A, or because in the Monty Python tradition of clip, cartoon Jesus appears at the end. No matta either way dahlin. At more than 97,000 hits, this video's title has attracted more interest in Mardi Gras 2007 than all of the other online ones put together — another sign that things are getting back to "normal" around here.

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