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In Media Res Calls for Proposals

Beginning Fall 2023, we've decided to take a slightly different approach at In Media Res; rather than running Calls for Papers (CfPs) for specific themes, we're actively seeking organizers who can propose compelling topics for IMR. These organizers would play a pivotal role in curating a thematic week, inviting scholars to contribute their insights and expertise to that specific theme. We believe this approach will foster a more dynamic and engaging scholarly exchange, allowing us to explore a wider range of captivating subjects in depth. If you have an idea you're passionate about, we encourage you to propose it and take the lead in shaping an exciting week of discourse on IMR. For more details, see the "Want to be a Theme Week Coordinator?" flyer.

Want to be a Theme Week Coordinator? - Deadline: Rolling

Please note that In Media Res schedule for Spring 2024 is already full. We accept proposals for Fall 2024.

Academics, journalists, critics, media professionals, and fans are all welcome to submit proposals.

Questions? Please email us at for more information.  

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