Occupy Lives, Occupy Live

In the aftermath of the co-ordinated attack on Occupy sites across the US on 11/15, Occupy the Everyday replies by asserting that Occupy lives, Occupy is live, we occupy the live. This is the first, emergency cluster in a new formation of this project: Occupy the Everyday. Four New Yorkers--occupiers, working group activists, supporters--work out their first reactions here.

The cluster remains open for new contributions, please write and submit!

Here's the call: Eighty-odd weeks ago, TNE launched, suggesting that there was a new everyday in the making but that it was not yet clear what it was going to be. Occupy has filled that blank. This is an project about Occupy, for as long as the community wants to debate it. The everyday Occupy: how is Occupying being practiced in your community/country/university? Who is occupying? Who isn’t? Occupy space: what is the space being occupied? Public, private, public-private, something else? Occupy theory: occupy theory is what we do as we occupy, its process and procedure. It is building, hacking, theorizing: is it a coincidence that the digital humanities has (re)discovered theory in the period of Occupy? Occupy technology: OWS relies mostly on some very simple tools: Google docs, gmail, Google groups, Twitter. What other initiatives are there in occupying technology? Occupy education: student debt, the college athlete as the one percent, horizontal teaching and research are all emerging as key themes of Occupy.

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