Queer Fanfiction of Video Games

Curator's Note

Fanfiction artists and creator have built on video game stories to create LGBTQ representation when it is not provided in the games themselves.  Fans have created fictional romantic relationships for characters such as CJ & Flick (Animal Crossing: New Horizons), Sonic & Tails (Sonic Adventures), and Mondo & Taka (Danganronpa).  These male same-sex couples are only a small portion of queer fanfiction which has derived from video games.  The slide presentation has the above example of queer fanfiction, along with resources to access additional examples.  One fanfiction site entitled An Archive of Our Own has a large queer user base.  An estimated 64% of their users identify as LGBTQ+, according to Alissa Smith (2018) of the Colorado Springs Indy.


I think one thread I'd like to address and potentially further discuss between our posts for this week so far is queer interpretation. You are addressing fan fiction as a site where people are actively developing counternarratives or highlighting moments that speak to LGBTQ experiences in widely-loved cultural texts. My post identifies how HIV activists and drag queens retool Bingo as a way of fundraising and expressing LGBTQ experiences through play.

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