Ali Wong - Female Standup Comedian

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Ali Wong - Female Standup Comedian


There are not a lot of Vietnamese-Chinese-American female comedians that are making their big break when they are seven and a half months pregnant. However, Ali Wong is not your typical female comedian. She is best known for her stand-up Netflix comedy called “Baby Cobra”. Her comedy is raunchy and unexpected. She boasts "now that I'm seven and a half months pregnant, my pussy's all wet again because my body's secreting mucus to protect the baby from bacteria attacking it." Ali is transforming the ways in which female comedians are viewed because she is truly able to capture how hard it is to be a mom and a wife. Her Netflix special launched her career in stand-up and truly set her apart from the other female comedians showcased on this platform. Other female comedians might also talk about sex and raising kids. However, Ali is unique because she is able to also incorporate her Asian background and talk about intercultural differences that are also relatable to others from different backgrounds. She is unconventional because she talks about her body and being pregnant. Other female comedians have performed pregnant, such as Joan Rivers and Roseanne Barr, but what makes Ali different is the way she talks about pregnancy and miscarriages. She is raw and vulgar at the same time. She makes fun of feminism at the same time, she values it.  Ali jokes that “I don’t want to lean in: I want to lie down.” Netflix provided a way to showcase her talent that was quite different from Youtube because audiences don’t have to wade through a series of commercials to enjoy her comedy. Netflix has become the dominant comedy leader because it is original and high quality compared to low-grade videos on Youtube. Ali Wong became a household name because people her comedy special was featured on Netflix. Ali Wong was a comedian for a long time and her stand up videos were posted on YouTube. However, Netflix made her a star and a well-recognized female comedian.


I am glad that Ali has taken a new turn on this side of comedy aswell. I think that learning more about interacial acting could be a great alternative to sex.

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