Catfishing Is Being Deceptive: The Dark Side of Online Dating

Curator's Note

In this clip, we experience Kerry and Terrance's awkward encounter that is fueled by deception. What is unique about this episode is that both Kerry and Terrance were both using dating profiles and deceiving each other. This act of deception is beyond just utilizing self-presentation as a tool to control the level of self-disclosure needed to create a strong impression. The deception in this video that takes place is more extreme, but I chose this clip as an example because the MTV show Catfish is quite recognizable. It is important to note that some of these episodes stem from individuals meeting each other on dating applications and then being deceived.

Kerry and Terrance's journey together does not begin here. They dated ten years prior. However, the universe made a calling and has brought them back together. Interestingly enough, both of them found each other online, but they were both being deceptive with their profiles. Both of them were using fake profiles. They were being deceptive with the intention of misrepresenting themselves. They were both using a fake profile with a fake identity. We discover in this clip that Terrance was using the fake profile because "it worked getting females" and that he has been using the profile for over a year and a half.

I think this MTV clip from the tv show Catfish is an excellent example of an extreme case of online dating deception and the results of being a victim of online deception. This episode highlights two individuals that were both being deceptive by using fake profiles. However, it is crucial to note that deception can play many roles when traversing through courtship online in the modern age.

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