Sesame Street and Hair Positivity

Curator's Note

The Sesame Street Workshop has always been known for its inclusive and empowering content for children. One of their videos that truly struck a chord with me is “I love my hair.” This powerful clip focuses on the versatility and acceptance of hair.

As I watched this video, it immediately resonated with me on a personal level. I, too, experienced teasing and mockery about my hair when I was younger. It's heartbreaking to realize that even after 30+ years, children are still facing similar challenges. Recently, my own 5-year-old daughter faced a similar situation at school, where a classmate made fun of her hair. It reminded me of how slow progress can be and the importance of teaching our children to be confident in themselves and embrace their unique beauty.

Parenthood often means reliving our own traumas through our children. However, it also empowers us to make things right and provide the support and guidance our children need. As I encourage my daughter to embrace her individuality, I am reminded of the wish I had as a child to possess the confidence I have today. It makes me wonder how this experience will impact my daughter in the long run.

The “I love my hair” video reminds me of my personal journey of self-exploration. It motivates me to continue delving into the history and significance of black hair, which is not taught in typical school curriculums. I realize the importance of celebrating and embracing the diverse range of hairstyles and textures within the black community.  When I was little, representation in media was not nearly what it is today.  Hearing my daughter say, “she has hair like mine,” as she watches this video means the world to me.

What struck me about this piece is its abstract nature. While it clearly features a black girl, the message transcends race and can be applied to anyone. The song's universal theme of self-acceptance and celebration of individuality makes it relatable to all children, regardless of their background.

In conclusion, the Sesame Street Workshop's “I love my hair” video is a powerful and important piece of content.  The acknowledgment that a video is needed to address this topic is powerful. The content addresses the challenges and societal biases surrounding black hair while promoting self-love and acceptance. Through this clip, children are taught the importance of embracing their differences and celebrating their unique beauty. The impact of this video is far-reaching and serves as a reminder that representation and inclusivity matter in children's media. 

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