Looking Back: Santo's "Sharing, Branding, Hubris." (Feb 2013- What are the major social/legal/professional stakes with sharing online?)

In February 2013, Avi Santo replied to our survey that examined the social, legal, and professional stakes of sharing online. In "Sharing, Branding, Hubris," Santo talks about the "efficacy of 'sharing' within the academy," stating "we are all better scholars, teachers and humans when we share our ideas." He qualifies this notion, however, with the reality "that academics only possess one true form of capital, vested in their reputation and cultivated in the words they produce" and that  "the impulse to share butt heads with the need to establish one’s scholarly 'brand.'" (It's interesting to reread this post after revisiting McAllister and Ruggill's post about the future necessity of scholarly collaboration.)

In your experience, to what extent has the academy shifted its values over the past few years regarding what Santo refers to as "one's scholarly 'brand'"? 

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