Looking Back: Henthorn's "Communities, Learning, and More on Zombies" (Sept 2013- How does gamification affect learning?)

In September 2013, MC took up the topic of gamification, which resulted in a lively discussion. Maybe this is passé for some, but perhaps we can still explore the evolution of the gamification movement (where we are now compared to three years ago).

On this note, let's take a look at Jamie Henthorn's piece titled "Communities, Learning, and More on Zombies" (zombies are, of course, never passé!). Henthorn talks about the running app Zombies, Run! She focuses a lot on community in gaming apps and concludes that "many of the gamification apps and strategies are either individual or pit users against other users." She then asks, "How can we build game based collaborative communities in the classroom? If not, can we get them engaged with an imaginary community that fulfills that need?"

Do you find that gaming apps still typically "pit users against other users"? What successes or challenges have you had when striving to build more "game based collaborative communities in the classroom"?

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