Looking Back: Ingleton's "The 'Make or Break' Mentality of DH: An Outsider's Perspective" (April 2013 - What are the differentiations and intersections of media studies and the digital humanities?)

Pamela Ingleton also responded to the April 2013 survey that asked, "What are the differentiations and intersections of media studies and the digital humanities?" At the time, she notes a "chasm" between her work in cultural and new media studies and the digital humanities. She comments on "'making:' producing, building, coding, programming, engineering—in other words, practical interaction with technology as opposed to theoretical analysis of it" as the question of the moment as regards defining/differentiating DH from media studies.  

In exploring this tension, Ingleton asks, "does theory not involve 'making,' too?" To what extent do we still witness this division, or have we closed the chasm?

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