More details on the April-May 2016 FGS

Since it’s inception, MediaCommons has featured many guest scholars who have contributed articles on a wide range of topics related to the digital humanities. Given how rapidly the digital landscape changes, new areas of interest emerge constantly. And, what newly emerges often changes—technologies gain traction or dissipate, the shape of communities morph, examining a particular phenomenon takes on new perspectives and theoretical angles. In this FGS, we want to think about change, and we’ll run things a differently. Our question is as follows: In the context of dighum scholarship, how have discussions surrounding some of the early MC topics evolved?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a throwback approach by posting links to some of the first surveys and articles posted to the MediaCommons hub. Please help us generate a scholarly convo by tweeting some informal thoughts on how these topics have changed. Here are a few starter ideas you might think about when responding:

  • What’s currently happening with this topic in DigHum
  • What’s still relevant about this topic?
  • What’s been recently published on this topic? (Feel free to plug your own work!)
  • What’s remained static about this topic?
  • What still needs to be explored related to this topic?
  • Are you still discussing this topic in class?
  • How has the conversation surrounding this topic shifted?

These are just a few ways of thinking about change (or a lack thereof), but feel free to respond however you like! 

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