Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes (directed by Kahlil Joseph)

Curator's Note

The internet didn’t invent genre-ambiguous artwork, but it did provide it a venue unregulated by the traditional genre-guards that too frequently demand creative work (and their creators) to be only one specific thing. This collaborative poem is an intersection/interaction of original dance, visual art, film, music and storytelling. An amalgam of the work of director Kahlil Joseph, composer Flying Lotus and dancer and choreographer Storyboard P, this piece wordlessly narrates the ubiquitous and rarely spotlighted story of urban violence, resilience, community and creativity. While the killings of Sean Bell, Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin drew temporary national attention, ultimately the incident of a murdered black man (or the countless who are doomed to be imprisoned despite their intelligence, creativity, talent, kindness or youth) continues to remain overlooked—or worse, recognized and accepted as an unalterable fact.


"Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes" is such a wonderfully multi-dimensional project. It really exemplifies the ways in which storytelling is transforming within our technologically advanced world. It is great to see that so many social circumstances can be addressed in such complex intersections. The most telling thing I see happening is the cohesiveness of the story being transmitted - even though it is not being limited to a single 'genre' - through multiple collaborators.

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