The Return of Old Games?

Curator's Note

Recently, old nostalgic board games and toys have been making it back to the store shelves of America. Even some that were never really taken off shelves are getting new looks and branding to appeal to the upcoming generation of children. Monopoly is one of the board games that everyone, no matter their age, knows what it is. Throughout the years since Monopoly was released, it has continuously adapted to what was popular at the time. This kind of thinking from the design team is what got Monopoly: Star Wars, Monopoly: Stranger Things, and even Monopoly: Roblox out on shelves today. Monopoly might be changing looks, but other games have started to change formats.

With the generational change, games no longer have to be in a physical format, causing consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and many more to be a common way to access games. Pokémon is one of the games that came out with a version that you could download, Pokémon Go. Almost everyone can remember how crazy everything got when Pokémon Go was released. Now, with access to phones, tablets, and computers, people have more access to video games than ever before. Mobile games are becoming a big part of gaming; however, we are still seeing the old games being played with or being sought after. Why is that?

Simply put, people who are in their 20s to 40s want to keep pieces of their childhood, and these old games help with that, but of course, that’s not the only reason. Sometimes, the older games are just more fun to play, and it’s always fun to say you beat someone at Uno. No matter how many online games come out or switch to an online format, the old physical games will always be around because it’s nostalgic, and nothing can beat the classics.



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